From Greece with Love
Blue Summers revives ancient Greek beauty recipes from the islands within the crystal waters of the Aegean sea. Considering the modern and driven young woman, it seeks to provide a no-nonsense natural and affordable sun care that is the ultimate UV protection for ladies on the go. 
With the conscious millennial in mind, sustainability is a priority in the business model. Starting from the use of ocean plastic to 100% recyclable packaging, Blue Summers aims to lower the use of virgin plastic.
Brief  /  Create a sunscreen brand
Target Market   /  Young women looking for affordable and natural skincare - free from chemicals with reliable sun protection

Competitive Advantage  /  Natural, key ingredient is Greek yogurt, reef-safe formula and highly sustainable packaging 
Retail Space   Mass markets - Walmart, Ulta, Target, CVS and Amazon
Price Point   $5.99 - $12.99
Deliverables  Rebranding, Packaging Design, Product Concept